Anti Corrosion Solutions Keeping the Environment and Bottom line in Mind

Zaharoni industries is committed to providing our customers with a high quality, efficient, and effective solutions to our customers’ corrosion protection needs.

We have served industries including Marine & Port Facilities, Bridges, Mining, Oil & Gas, Airport Facilities, Fuel Tanks, Cement, Buildings, and more.

Our products give our clients significant advantages in cost and time savings by reducing traditional prep times.

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Since 1993


Zaharoni Industries is a multi-national consulting firm, headquartered in Southern California, that specializes in two diverse industries: construction and anti-corrosion coatings.

Approaching its 40th year of business under CEO Isaac Zaharoni, Zaharoni Industries’ diverse product mix has allowed it to withstand the continuously changing business landscape by swiftly altering its focus to meet the latest needs of the market.